“Prepared to Perform”

No more sandpaper, pumice stones, or razor blades to take down those calluses!

  • Thin, lightweight patent-pending design

  • Stainless steel to avoid bacteria

  • Rust resistant

  • No replacement parts

  • 544 Pinpoint pucker style holes

  • Can be used on dry or wet hands and anywhere you may develop a callus

 Strong enough to smooth your toughest callus!

The Alpha File is the most effective tool to remove the calluses from your hands. This unique file is formed on a curvature to specifically target calluses that may develop anywhere on the body. There are hundreds of pucker style holes that are closely arranged together to make the process fast, comfortable, and easy. Simply pass the file over your calluses until you are satisfied. This will leave your skin soft and smooth while bringing immediate comfort. The Alpha File is stainless steel and can be used with dry or moist skin. This is the only tool you’ll ever need to manage your hands.




To achieve optimal quality, we make every file individually, right from our home in Sunny South Florida.

Each and every Alpha File created, is carefully inspected to assure quality.


"Patent Pending"